Monday, 7 November 2011

Stroppel Wildfire

A few weeks ago, Cynthia Tinapple blogged on her popular site Polymer Clay Daily about a wonderful technique by polymer clay artist Alice Stroppel. Cynthia shared a link to a video tutorial where Alice detailed her novel way to use pretty offcuts and leftovers from caning projects to create a new cane that looks positively trippy and is almost guaranteed to look awesome! Since then the "Stroppel Cane" technique has spread like wildfire and polymer clay artists from all over the globe have been using and adapting the technique with some really stunning results.

Here are links to some of my favourites:

Pavla Cepelikova used it on a hollow bead.
Cara Jane used a limited palette and white in her cane!
Rocky used it to make beautiful flower brooches.
Randee M. Ketzel has been busily making cool bangles and a tile bracelet.
Love the colours in Julie Doust's versions.
And of course Alice Stroppel herself is using the cane to dress her lovely girls!!!

There are so many more gorgeous examples, just google Stroppel Cane to find more!

And here are some of the things I've made with my first attempts at Stroppel Canes:

Stroppel Wildfire

Stroppel Rings

Stroppel Bead Necklace

Organic Stroppel Earrings
My new favourite earrings ;)
I just love the organic shape of this cane and at one point, when I cut a thick slice, I realised I didn't want to ruin it by cutting it down or wrapping it around anything so I cut it a 'brother' and baked them as they were! After sanding, polishing and a coat of pearl-ex, they became my new favourite earrings!!!

Anyway, I adore this cane and have really enjoyed watching it spread throughout the polymer clay community. Thank you Alice Stroppel for your genius, creativity and generous spirit :D


  1. Thank you for giving it a try Shannon. I am actually the one who is having the most fun, getting to see something I shared so well received and all the wonderful thing being made from it. I love all these but am crazy about the rings.
    I've already pin them to my Pinterest board.

  2. Woohoo! Thanks for stopping by Alice ;)