Wednesday, 30 November 2011

Full circle

I'm on the circle bandwagon at the moment and I don't think this obsession is going anywhere in a hurry! I am loving circle forms. I started playing with them during the October Aussiepolyclayers "Lace" challenge and many of my designs since then have incorporated circles. The Aussiepolyclayers November challenge, "Rings," is also feeding my habit!!
From circle ring forms as in the lace circles earrings (Image 1) or these ring pendants (Images 2 & 3), to circle cutouts as in the "Call Me" pendant based on the old fashioned telephone dial pad (Image 4). I've also played with extruded circle forms, shown in Images 5 & 6.

Image 1: Circles earrings
Image 2: Corinda Ring pendant
Image 3: Stroppel Ring pendant
Image 4: 'Call Me' necklace
Image 5: extruded circles earrings
Image 6: extruded circles ring

And my latest piece "Vinyl Cascade" features black rings surrounding a circular cutout inspired by old vinyl records (Image 7)
Image 7: Vinyl Cascade pendant

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