Tuesday, 28 February 2012

Week 5 - 52 pairs of earrings a year challenge

This week, before I could get to make any new canes...I made myself clean up first! So I used up some odds and ends of canes I had made recently in a new Stroppel cane. The first two cuts through this fresh cane turned into my funky '52 pairs of earrings a year challenge' entry for week 5!!

Week 5 - 52 pairs of earrings a year challenge. Organic Stroppel earrings.
Mad Hatter Brooch.
Organic Stroppel bangle.
With the same scrap cane, I made two pairs of earrings, the Mad Hatter brooch and the Organic Stroppel bangle shown above. Aaah how I love that cane - it makes cleaning up so much more interesting!!

Thursday, 23 February 2012

My earring frenzy

On the eve of my first BrisStyle indie Twilight Market, I've finally gotten around to taking photos of all my stock. In particular, the 30-something pairs of earrings I have been busily making up over the past week or so in readiness for market night! These 30-something pictures have now been uploaded onto my Flickr site.

I've also joined a new challenge on Flickr, hosted by Anke - the "52 pairs of earrings a year" challenge. An amazing source of inspiration to get and keep creating! I must admit, I've been a little time-shy during the last four weeks since I started this challenge but am hoping to keep to the weekly schedule from now on!! Here are my first 4 weeks of earrings: