Tuesday, 28 February 2012

Week 5 - 52 pairs of earrings a year challenge

This week, before I could get to make any new canes...I made myself clean up first! So I used up some odds and ends of canes I had made recently in a new Stroppel cane. The first two cuts through this fresh cane turned into my funky '52 pairs of earrings a year challenge' entry for week 5!!

Week 5 - 52 pairs of earrings a year challenge. Organic Stroppel earrings.
Mad Hatter Brooch.
Organic Stroppel bangle.
With the same scrap cane, I made two pairs of earrings, the Mad Hatter brooch and the Organic Stroppel bangle shown above. Aaah how I love that cane - it makes cleaning up so much more interesting!!

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