Monday, 19 September 2011

Adventure #12: Geeking Out!

I am a massive fan of the The Lord of the Rings books and movies. The movie room we're building will be a shrine to the story, with figurines from the movies in niches above the TV and replica swords as door handles on the DVD cabinets. And our most beloved burmese cat is named for the eccentric wizard, Gandalf.

I have wanted my own replica of Arwen's necklace, the Evenstar, for a long time. And I finally felt now was the time to have a go at making one from polymer clay (Image 1). I used silver Kato clay and for the back part, made my first mica shift to get those lined effects. I also used my lovely new Makins extruder to get the backbone of the piece so perfectly round. I am very proud of my Evenstar and now can't wait to get a chain and wear it around in all my geekdom glory!!!

Image 1: The Evenstar replica in silver polymer clay

While I was on the geek-train, my hubby asked me to knock up a Green Lantern ring for him (Image 2). I had to wrap paper around my ring mould a few times to make it big enough!

Image 2: Green Lantern replica ring

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