Monday, 11 July 2011

Adventure #5: The Necklace

Making a necklace for my gorgeous mum has sparked the crazy-obsessive-hobby-girl to come out in me! Ever since I began trying to craft a necklace from polymer clay beads, I've been a lil bit obsessed - reading forums, tutorials, buying books and spending way too much money on supplies and tools. I wanted it to be perfect, I wanted it to look pro and I wanted mum to feel proud to wear it around.

I finished that necklace for my mum a few weeks ago...but I realised I had yet to include a piccy of the thing that sparked all this craziness! So here it is:

Image 1: The Necklace!

Handmade polymer clay beads strung on tigertail with a sterling silver toggle clasp and Swarovski crystal round spacers. I think mum liked it :D


  1. This necklace is stunning - when your Mum opened the package, we were both overwhelmed by the beauty of the beads and their organic nature. Each is so different but based on the same theme.
    Beautiful work.

  2. It is a stunner, even little 3yo James ooohed & aahhhed with me when I opened the parcel. Love it. Thanks Shan. xo

  3. Hello parents!!! Thanks for the comments :P I'm rapt that you loved it mum xxxxxxxooooooo