Friday, 12 August 2011

Adventure #8: One ring to rule them all

I'm obsessed with making polymer clay rings at the moment. I bought a gorgeous millefiori ring in Venice. Wore it all the time. Loved it. Then I left it lying around the house somewhere as I do, and it got crushed...dead :(  I'm now trying to get the same comfortable ring design in a pc ring. My first attempt ended up like this:

 It was too long and only baked for 10 minutes, so it was quite brittle. The second attempt was better, but I rebaked it to add some strength and it ended up deforming quite a bit. I scolded my little fingers holding it together until it cooled but it ended up still larger than it had been and way too big for me, which is annoying because I really like it!!

For these first two rings, I was using a wooden dowel as a mold, but I didn't like the texture it left on the inside of the ring. I found a metal spoon in Kmart (<3 the kitchen section!) with the right sized handle and used that as a mold for these rings:

When the sneaky rubber hiding inside the handle melted, the spoon deformed and that's how I found it when I went to retrieve my rings. I managed to remove all the rubber and dissemble the spoon so I ended up with this awesome ring mold - exactly the right size! Now I'm in ring-making heaven...and I just can't seem to stop making them....someone STOP ME!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

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